Project Management
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Format 169 x 239 mm
Utgivning 2018
ISBN 978-91-523-5599-2
Förlag Sanoma Utbildning

Project Management

Bo Tonnquist

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Project management covers all areas a project manager should command to professionally execute projects and manage programs. The book is a translation of Projektledning by Bo Tonnquist. Apart from a few examples which have been adapted,  the content of Project management is the same as its Swedish original. The 4rd edition contain more information on agile work methods and how they should be applied alongside traditional project methodolody. The purpose is to provide solid support, however you choose to execute your project.

Project management is a complete guide to the theory and practice of project management. The book has a real-life approach and explains hard-core methods of e.g. project budgeting and risk analysis but also leadership issues such as group dynamics and negotiation skills. Project Management can be used for training and educational purposes, and as a handbook when executing projects or during a certification process. Content and terminology are adapted to match PMI's and IPMA's view on project management.